FORTE's Academy of Music



Hi ho!

I am Forte Maestro, Minstrel of Landroval and dean of Forte's Academy of Music.!  The Academy serves a number of uses.
Each month the Academy hosts in-game lessons on the LOTRO Music System, and finish the month out with a student graduation and concert. Additionally, the Academy acts as a depository for video and written lessons on the music system for those who can not make the in game classes.

Hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions, please contact me!

October Graduates

Ozbert, Ashigaru,
& Saesura
NEW  Written Lesson

Lesson 13: How to create your own ABC song by hand

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Songbook Update 4.1 is now available composing of 821 songs. Read more...


Next Class: Lesson 1
November 7th, 4pm @
Prancing Pon

Begin the November with learning how to download new music, learn the anatomy if ABC music, as well as perform songs Manually.
Welcome to our
November Students

Students have their first class on the 7th.

Class Schedule