FORTE's Academy of Music


Pirate Palooza

1st Annual PIRATE PALOOZA was a celebration of "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" in the Lord of the Rings Online game on the Landroval server.

During the 1st Annual event, we had a treasure hunt, "dress like a pirate" costume contest, a visit by Capt'n Bilge, Shiney and Cave Claw Huggers Society, and performances by Tom and the King's Men, and the salty dogs themselves, Old Winyards.

Event participants won Turbine Points, Gold, and housing decorations!

Next year will be just as grand, where we will be inviting others to participate in other events, perform, and get their best pirate on!

Contest Winners

Treasure Hunt

1st Halgoreth

2nd RumpleGrumple

3rd Kikilaa

Costume Contest

1st Gennyrose

2nd Skjalden

3rd Kikilaa

Thanks to all the participants!